Relic Solutions

Leading Development, Marketing & Design Comapny

We’re pretty good at website design and marketing, but what we’re great at is rolling up our sleeves and finding out the most effective ways to help your business grow. We will provide an experience tailored to your company’s needs regardless of your budget.

Our Core Values

The Relic Solutions Story

We were tired of digital agencies over-promising, yet under-delivering. We were tired of the same old impersonal, distant relationship between agency and client. And we were tired of the lack of transparency most agencies give their clients. Instead, we wanted to be a true growth partner for our clients. One geared towards results, driven by clarity, and built upon a people-first approach that puts your business growth at the top of our priority list. We are Relic Solutions Digital

How Can We Help You?

With Relic Solutions as your Digital Partner we will make sure we help your business reach their true potential.  We’re experts at helping businesses reach their true potential.

Web Design&Development

We will build you a stunning website by using Creating valuable and relevant content with application to attract and engage target audiences.

APP Design&Development

We will work with you to create something unique on social media, email marketing, and paid advertising to reach and engage with customers.


Our marketing team will help you grow your online presence using unique marketing campaigns that fit within your budget.


Team will help to building and maintaining a your brand's identity, reputation, and recognition in the market

Social Media

Our social media team will help grow your online audience which will contribute to brand growth across all the platforms.​


Our gifts are items or presents that businesses give to employees, clients, customers, partners to strengthen business relationships

Our Best Portfolio

Relic Solutions provides a complete solution for your startup or current business. We will ensure you have a competitive edge in your industry. Give yourself the best chance of success with us.