Temp-to-hire gives the client a great hiring advantage – the ability to evaluate a potential candidate on the job before making a commitment. This kind of hands-on assessment leads to more informed hiring decisions.

Hiring the wrong person can wreak havoc on an organization – so it’s always safer to “try before you buy.” Moreover, sometimes you have a technical contingent worker who fits perfectly into your organization. Should you and the contingent worker placed by RELIC Solutions decide you’d like to change the nature of the relationship to full time employment, RELIC Solutions is happy to accommodate.

Contract-to-hire staffing helps your business by acting as a bridge to full-time employment through our contract-to-hire program, you have the opportunity to evaluate a selected candidate in your business environment before making a hiring decision.

Advantage of Contract to Hire:

  • you won’t have to waste time finding the right candidate.
  • acts as a bridge to full time employment.
  • opportunity to review abilities before hiring full time.
  • no employer risks.
  • gives you confidence in your hiring decision.